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October 13, 2018

3 Ways To Wear Fedora Hats

So you’ve bought amen’s fedora hat and now you’re not quite sure on how to wear it. Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Styling a fedora hat might be tricky but it’s all about experimenting. With a little inspiration, this style may go a long way.

Throughout the history, Fedora hats have shown a lot of versatility in style. They range from wide brim to short brim, and have been worn by gangsters, city slickers, and regular ole joe's. Even though hats like these are no longer a wardrobe essential that every man owns, fedora hats have still a distinct place in the closet of a dapper gentleman who wants to stand out. Now that you're convinced there are 3 looks you could copy to nail your fedora hat.

Look #1:

Pair your fedora hat with a button down shirt and plain undershirt. This gives your casual look an upgrade.


Look #2:

Go for a black fedora hat and don’t be afraid to play with colors. Try to mix and match colors to achieve this look.

Look #3:

When all else fail try go monochrome. Grab any plain tee, your favorite black jeans and pair them with some boots to spice up this look.



Few more tips on wearing a Fedora Hat:

  • Keep your overall look classic.
  • Wear your fedora in the right season
  • Take off your hat indoors; it’s only part of your “outside” outfit.
  • A fedora looks best when paired with a jacket


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