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October 25, 2018 2 min read


Let’s ignore the changing winds of fashion and go to the different kinds of classic hats for men.

 These hats have it’s ups and down in pop culture. Sometimes they’re in and sometimes they’re out. But that doesn’t really matter, If you find comfort and find it fit your personal style then you should wear a hat.

 High-quality hats are always a great addition to any men’s wardrobe. With that said if you’re going to wear them then you should be knowledgeable. Here is a good start on knowing more about the classic hats, we have listed below the different types of classic hats.

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Fedora Hats


fedora hat on a wooden crate


When you talk about classic hats, Fedora hats are what most people think about. This is such an iconic style that anyone who would see a hat with a brim and a fixed crown will call it a “Fedora”.

Fedora hat has a felt texture with pinched sides on its crown and a lengthwise crease down the crown. It gives it’s front a roughly wedge-like shape, though it can be molded to the wearer’s taste. Click here to shop for Fedora hats

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Tribly hat on white surface

The Trilby is a hat with a similar crown shape as the fedora but it has a shorter width brim that is curled along the edges. Its crown is also more pointed and sharper in style.

They are typically worn with the brim snapped downward in front and upward at the back.



brown homburg hat

Homburgs are very similar to the fedora but are a lot taller. They have sharper crowns and a dent at the center. The brim is stiffer and has a slightly upturned lip all the way around.

They are the go to hats of businessmen, politicians and other gentlemen in the western world.



black porpie hat with feather on the side

These hats are much rounder and have straighter sides that slant slightly much like the shape of a pork pie. Porkpie hats have a flattened top without a crease down the center.



bowler hat

The bowler hat is considered less formal than styles like the homburg and the fedora. It has a stiff, rounded dome and has no pinching at its crown. As for its brim, they are short and curled up in the sides.