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December 03, 2018 1 min read

Best Place to Buy Fedora Hats

Men’s hats are known to be a very personal accessory in their wardrobe. The fedora hat, in particular, shows a sense of presence and it would be impossible not to look twice at the man wearing such a classic piece.

So when considering how to wear fedora hats, there are a few rules you must keep in mind. If you wear it at an inappropriate event or maybe with the wrong pieces of clothing, you’ll definitely look out of place. If ýou’re still thinking on how you could style them then we’ve got you cover “How to style Fedora Hats” (link to blog)

The beauty of the fedora is its versatility. It’s not strictly stuck to the finer side of your wardrobe. You can dress casually and wear it but with the right set of clothes. Now that you’re acquainted with just how well a fedora fits into any guy’s wardrobe, the only problem is where to buy it right? Well, today’s your lucky day as give you the best place to buy one and that’sKing and Fifth. We have the perfect wool fedora hat that is appropriate for the modern age.

The best thing about the King and Fifth’s Arlo hat is thatthe perfect lower crown height that was more suitable for wearing both traditionally and tipped back.