November 06, 2019 1 min read


Back in the day when dress codes were more formal and hat wearing was considered to be trendy, you'd be shocked to find any man of style leaving home without one.

Since then, this versatile headpiece has cemented itself as one of the most popular hat styles for both men and women. It looks more on the formal side so it’s easy to dress it up but it is also adaptable enough to dress down.

Now if you’re still unsure of wearing one, here are some of our favorite looks from King & Fifth that will surely make you want to have them.

Fedora: The Arlo (Black)
Make that fedora stand out by wearing a monochrome outfit that is a different color from your fedora.
If you think the weather is not chilly enough to wear a jacket then grab your favorite sweater and your trusty old sneakers.


Let’s face it, denim jackets always look good with any outfit. What would make it look more good is if you pair it with denim pants. You can wear the same shades of denim or different. Both will look equally cool! 


Fall is here and so are plaids. One way you can dress up your plaid shirts is by wearing a fedora with it. Grab any plaid shirt, pair it with a bright-colored sneaker and don’t forget your fedora.