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The Perfect V-Neck T - Black

  • Mens V-Neck Tee - This T-shirt is perfect. It fits great. Its basic. And its made with a super soft cotton/poly blend. Whether you're looking for a layering piece or a go-to v-neck that looks great on its own, this tee will get the job done. Available in the two colors every man should own.

    Black Mens T-Shirt

  • At King & Fifth we're all about a casual, yet sharp look. We've translated this into what we believe is the perfect casual slim fit, that fits close to the body, but not tight. Simply put, this is a Tee that's made for the modern man. Scroll down to see more about our FIT.
    • Washing is a drag, but is got to be done. And done right, will preserve the life and fit of your garment.
    • Machine wash on cold
    • Tumble dry on low/delicate to prevent shrinking
    • Remember, low temperatures are going to prevent shrinking

we know our fit

and you should too

Why is fit so important?

You know how it goes... you see a cool shirt that you just have to have, only to be disappointed with the fit once you try it on.

Here's what we did to make our fit great:

no two guys are the same

Here's a look at our fir on different body types