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Mens Lightweight Beanie - The Mason LW - XL


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  • Mens Summer Beanie - Not everyone lives in a frozen tundra, so we made The Mason Lightweight XL beanie to wear when things warm up. Designed with a bigger fit, this style is super comfortable with the same great style as the OG Mason LW. And now with Added Spandex, this slouchy beanie will stretch and move with you while still feeling lightweight. Made with dry-hand cotton yarn and embellished with our iconic metal label, this 100% cotton summer beanie helps you look your best, and keep your cool. If you're a diehard beanie lover, no matter the temperature, look no further. This is the beanie for you!

    • 19" circumference with room to expand and recover
    • 13 1/2” height
    • One size fits all
    • 100% super soft cotton
    • Machine wash on delicate
    • To avoid snagging, we recommend placing garment in a washer safe bag. An easy alternative is to place garment in a pillowcase and knot the open end.
    • Air dry
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Marcus Creel
Color: Sharkskin/Grey?
No More Headaches

I love this beanie! I used to get headaches after a day of wearing a typical beanie all day, this beanie I got from K&F I take with me everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have it on. Breathable, Warm, sleek finish with the metal branded name plate on the side. I’ve never been this GaGa over a beanie in my life. lol

Babbity Booyah
Color: Grey
The hat that cured me

I've always wanted to be a hat guy but have been prevented from being so due to my condition, Gigantowtfiswrongwithyourheadhomeyitlookslikewatermelon-itis.

Now, thanks to the wonderful products of King & Fifth, i've overcome my disability and am proudly a Hat Guy. And, thanks to the wonderful weave, i look f*cking good doing it.

Color: Sharkskin
Finally a beanie that fits

Best fitting beanie I've ever worn or been able to fit my head

James Hackett
Color: Sharkskins and Chestnut
Great fit

Love . Switched to the XL cause of the fit

More colors for us big heads

Bought one of the lightweight Mason XL and I love it. So far I have bought two . one black and white and the other Sharkskin I need more colors for my collection and would like to see you make an even lighter weight beanie that could be worn in the Arizona summers.