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Mens Wide Brim Fedora - The Arlo

  • Mens Wide Brim Fedora - Before designing The Arlo, quite often we found that most guys were wearing their fedora tipped back. So we took a look at the market and felt that most fedoras out there had an extremely tall crown, which didn't fit this tipped back look. After countless patterns, we settled on the perfect lower crown height that was more suitable for wearing both traditionally and tipped back. The result is The Arlo, a wool fedora that is appropriate for the modern age.

    Mens Fedora Black

    • 100% Wool with a Cotton interior band
    • Exterior Felt Band
    • Soft Brim with Folded Edge
    • M - 56cm
    • L - 58cm
    • Hand Wash
    • Air dry

Introducing The Arlo