October 08, 2018 1 min read

Must Have Baseball Hat

Baseball caps have retained an essential spot in men’s wardrobes generation after generation. But it has never been a must have trendsetting accessory until now. Whether your style is more on the streetwear or casually polished there will always be a stylish cap for every man.

The classic logo cap has its place, but now it’s time you opt for something a little more different. There are so many picks we are stoked about, here is a narrowed down list for a stylish touch to any of your looks.  

The Senna Baseball Hat

We have decided to make these caps to give themodern man an alternative to the regular sports related version.  Inspired by traditional men's suiting, we've paired timeless fabrics with minimal marketing to make a stylish elevated baseball cap option.  This hat is made with a low profile and a smooth shaped front panel that solves the problem of the tall, boxy, shape that is often found in most caps.

white baseball hat
two toned baseball hat