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Color: Blue abyss
Small head problem solved

Been wearing youth hats for years until i discovered these. Small head problem solved.

This XL is the real deal. Fits just the way I like not tight but tight enough to stay on.

Color: Green / black

Fit is perfect

Color: White
Great hat

Great value. Great hat

Color: Neon Green in both cap and fitness cap
Neon rules

Quality products, as presented. Always get compliments when wearing. Service/Shipping A+

Color: Army green
Good stuff

Love it, I also wanted one even more light weight almost like t-shirt like.

Color: Blue Abyss
Great hat for a big head

This hat fits great. I have a tough time finding hats that are not only big enough, but also fit comfortably on my head, and this hat does that. It's also very reasonably priced in my opinion.

Color: Black
Perfect fit, Finally!

I am constantly outside; getting dirty, sweaty, etc. I prefer to wear my hair long, as well. Until I got a hold of your Versa, there was nothing that fit my head and my lifestyle. Instant believer,
Long-term Customer.

Color: White

That hat fits perfectly and using this site was easy. The nice thing about you guys is that you check up on the people that buy your product.

Color: 3 black hats.
Built for a Big head.

Finally found a snap back for a size 8+ head. Price point is perfect. The only thing I wish they had were some flatter bills. Easier to wear with sun glasses.

Color: black, marine, fern and chestnut brown
Great beanie!!

These beanies are the best that I've ever owned! Not only are they great looking and warm but they're also so comfortable that I wore one to bed. Forgot that I had it on.

Mens Baseball Cap - The Senna
Jayare Hernandez
Color: Menswear Charcoal, Menswear Blue, Menswear Black, and Menswear Tan
Used to be amazing hats! I wish more could have experienced them

Hee a long time customer of this brand and have purchased several hats and beanies. I just blind purchased 4 hats of the Senna in diffent colors and now I'm feeling left the fool for trusting a brand.

This hat used to be made of 100% cotton, made in Bangladesh, now it's a plastic mix of materials made in China. The new material creases easily and is not as soft as the way they used to make them. You can tell the big diffence by the sweat band. It's used to be soft and plush, not it's rough and abrasive by comparison. I also miss the K&F logo embroidery at the top of the back arch in the same color as the hat. It was an elegant touch.

The only reason I not going to return these is because the fit is it's saving grace.

I thought I had found something special only to be hoodwinked again.

The pictures below are marketed as the same color in the menswear charcoal. The one on the left is the old style original and the one on the right is the new style. Apologies if it looks a little dirty, I've washed it in a while.

Color: Black

Best fitting hat i have ever put on

Color: Blue

Nice hat

Color: 1 in black and 1 in gray
Perfect fit & great quality

Very happy with this purchase. Both hats fit great and I wear them all the time!

Color: Port
My go-to beanie on cold days

Love the quality of the material and the shape of the beanie itself. It's so comfy that sometimes I sleep in it.

Color: All of them
Finally a Beanie that's actually a beanie!

Fits like a beanie should. Not too big like a toboggan.

Color: Black , gray
The Mason

One of the reps suggested that I try out this mason extra large beenie and it is my absolute favorite!!
Such a great product for guys with big heads !

Color: Bright orange
Forte Slouchy

Very good fit, comfortable, and really good quality. This beanie is well made and seems like it will last a long time. I like all the color choices. Also, it fits snug and doesn’t get that loose stretched out feeling. Can’t wait to order another.

Color: 4 different styles and colors tan, Grey, white, & blue, each style/model are perfect.
As advertised

Fantastic, your design and quality hit the nail on the head(no pun). My traditional new hat purchases require a series of wash an dry simply to right size the new purchase. These hats, fit perfectly!!

Color: So far have 8 in different colors.
Awesome Hats

Great! I have a smaller head so I always have a hard time finding hats that’s don’t look too tall on my head. Your hats solved the problem. So glad to have come across your site.

Color: White
Great fit

Excellent fit. It’s my new favorite hat!

Color: Last Rep-black, Trucker-blue
K&F baseball hats

I have the "Last Rep" and "Trucker" K&F hats. Perfect size (which I haven't been able to find before) and well made. Great customer service as well. Give them a try! Well worth the money.

Fits great

Color: Grey