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December 25, 2019 1 min read

Best XL Slouchy Beanies For Fall

There’s not a person in the world that can’t pull off a beanie. Hats may be sometime difficult to wear and style, I mean sure Baseball caps, fedoras, straw hats are not for everyone but beanies are different. 

Beanies can be something that’s just a stylish accessory, cover up for a bad hair day or an actual functional accessory for when it’s chilly out. 

Nowadays there are a lot of beanies in the market but there are only a few XL selections but don’t worry because we’ve gathered up our favorites XL beanies from King & Fifth that will surely fit that big head of yours

The Forte XL

Your everyday beanie goes big in the best way. Introducing the Forte XL. This style has a rib stitch pattern and a slouchy, oversized look.

The Murphy XL

Luxe, low profile, and expertly designed with a bigger fit for XL sized guys.Made from the perfect blend of yarn: the finest merino wool for unmatched warmth, soft cotton for ease and durability, and buttery cashmere for unparalleled softness that’s surprisingly warm and breathable.

The Aceto XL

Comes in a traditional stitch pattern that is worn slouchy and oversized.