August 31, 2019 1 min read

How to wear a beanie in warm weather

Wearing a beanie in summer might sound strange but we’re here to tell you definitely can. Why? because no one ever made a rule to wear them strictly during fall and winter only.

But wearing beanies when it’s 70 degrees outside might be tricky. So, to help you here are some things you need to know



Get Lightweight

Winter beanies don’t work for summer, replace those cable knit and woolen beanies for something with lightweight material. This way you head will be able to breathe and it won’t trap heat. Shop lightweight beanies ... HERE

Wear it to appropriate places

This is a year-round rule, weddings, dinner parties, and work are places you should never wear beanies. They are worn to casual places like going to the airport, running errands, hanging out with your friends and other places that you can wear your casuals.

Looks good with summer layering

Yes, you heard it right summer layering is a things. Try to pair it with a light sweater or some denim jacket.