November 10, 2018 2 min read

How to wear beanies with different hairstyles

Beanies are both functional and fashionable, they keep your head warm, hide any bad hair day situation, and add a cool and casual touch to your outfit all at the same time. Although they may seem like a simple and wearable type of accessory, beanies require a little effort to wear them the right way.

You may have never thought of it before, the length of your hair and its type can affect how a beanie looks on you. While certain styles of beanies may look great on gents with short strands, others can appear odd and inappropriate. Follow this quick guide on how to wear your beanie with your hairstyle.

Short hair

If you have short hair, you should avoid beanies that are big or slouchy because they will tend to swamp your head due to the lack of balance. Instead, go for a classic close-fitting beanie. Another thing to avoid is overly chunky knitted styles, choose thin or medium thicknesses instead.


Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to be quite thick, so shoving a tight hat on will result in a bulky look. It’s best when you try to work around them instead of taming your lock and shoving them all in your beanie. Opt for a loose-knit slouchy beanie that will give enough space to home your curls and, if you’ve got a short style haircut then allow some of the curls to show through.


Long Hair

Long hair has become a popular style option for men. Although this hairstyle may generally keep your head warmer than short-haired counterparts, they still have plenty of reasons to wear a beanie. Slim-fitted styles will work best for this type of hairstyle it will balance out your long strands. Also, you can try rolling your beanie back, so it sits higher on your forehead and helps reveal your face.