September 29, 2018 2 min read

The Best Sunglasses for Men in Suits

Like any other accessory, sunglasses came to be with a practical purpose which protects your eyes from the harsh UV rays.No matter what season, sunglasses are a daily prescription that many people are tasked with wearing anytime the sun is out.

Today, it has become an accessory to showcase your personal style and flair. If you pair this with a suit then you instantly become the most interesting man in the room.The best sunglasses that pair with suits complements the tailoring without overwhelming it.

The task now is finding the right pair of shades to wear with your best suit. Sunglasses that would be event appropriate to wherever you’re headed.  

Lucky for you we are here to help. Listed below are the top three styles of sunglasses best paired with a suit.


Aviators have a versatile style that is neither fancy nor too flashy. They exude carefree confidence and trend-proof sophistication. When pairing with a suit go for dark frames with dark lenses so that they don’t detract from your formal wear.

Clear Frames

These are for daily wear, they don't detract from your clothes. These frames nearly disappear so you can concentrate on the tailoring.


Wayfarer design looks great on almost any face. These bad boys are called classic for a reason. To keep them appropriate for formal occasions, stick with timeless black or tortoiseshell. Shop this similar look HERE


A few more tips

  • make sure that you do your homework on what kind of sunglasses look good on which face shape
  • stay away from sportswear and ray bans with reflective lenses.
  • remove them indoors, at night, and in meetings.
  • determine how you should put together your wardrobe including the glasses is that you need to match the setting and the occasion.