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Beanies are more than just hats that people wear to keep their ears from freezing off. It can be an instant upgrade to any outfit. It simple yet stylish and every gent must have this item no matter what style they go for. When worn properly it may be the most efficient and stylish addition to any outfit to invest in.

Beanie hats come in a wide range of styles.Whether you like a thin cotton beanie, a heavy wool beanie, or want it long, loose, or fitted, It can be quite hard to pick. Well, lucky for you can invest in more than one style. Here we have narrowed down the Five best beanies that any guy should consider adding to their collection.


Slouchy Beanie

If we were to list the best beanie, slouchy beanies would be first on the list. If you head over to Instagram or Pinterestyou'll see this all too often. A good slouchy beanie has plenty of body and will cover most of your ears with a generous amount of slouchy material in the back.

Slouchy beanies are best worn with for smart outfits. Pairing these beanies with this outfit will keep it from looking too childish. You could wear some overcoat paired with trousers and some black boots. It's best to keep your palette neutral with similar tones. Click HERE to get this look


Fisherman Beanie/Rolled Beanie

The fisherman beanie is a thick, chunky ribbed hat with a shallow crown and it will sit literally just on the top of your head without covering your ears. It is a regular beanie but its sides are turned up.

Best worn with any casual outfit. It may be paired with a denim jacket or white tee with distressed jeans. Click HERE to get this look


Cuffed Beanie

This type of beanie has a cuff around the edge that usually sits just on top but slightly over your ears and around your forehead. Cuffed beanies come with extra material knitted into the bottom of the hat that allows for a fold in material that would create the cuff. You’ll often see cuffed beanies in both wool and cotton.

Because this type of beanie is kind of simple, it’s great for a smart casual outfit. You can wear this some cool looking jacket.Click HERE to get this look.


Bobble Beanie/ Pompom Beanies

These types of beanies are easy to spot from the name itself these beanies are same as any beanies but have pompoms at the top. It was originally considered childish but as the pop culture/ hipster fashion escalated guys have considered wearing them. Bobble beanies have been popular throughout the men’s winter fashion. These beanies are best worn in with long coats with casual innerwear.



High top beanies

If you’re looking for a major style staple then go for a high top beanie. This unusual style is now a regular look for the street style set and is completely on-trend. It can be worn in many ways and is perfect for when you are on the go. Wear this high up your head and make sure that excess material on top is poking up. It may not keep your head warm because of the extra room but it will make your look bold and fashion forward.

Try pairing this with someslouchy trousers, sneakers, plain shirt, and an oversized coat for that urban outfit look.


 With that said beanies are the basic accessory for the men’s winter fashion and they have been for a long time now. Whether they’re for covering up a bad hair day or a fashion statement, beanies will be a perfect winter accessory. So, it’s time to embrace the look and get on board with the beanie look because men’s hat come and go but beanies will never go out of trend.



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