February 22, 2019 1 min read

How to wear beanies this Summer

Summer is fast approaching and social norms got us beanie lovers feeling downcast. You see once the temperature moves past 20 degrees, along comes the nagging pressure to get rid of the beanie. But that has been a common misconception, who says you have to?

Here inKing and Fifth, we believe beanies can be worn all year long. But for this to work here some simple tips we have prepared on how to wear the beanie when the sun is in full bloom.


Replace winter beanies with lightweight beanies

Woolen beanies and ones with pompom are going to look out of place during summer. They will make you look out of place plus it will trap heat on your head. Try these lightweight beanies fromKing and Fifth, they are made with a super lightweight cotton yarn which will let your head breathe from the heat.


Pick the location

Beanies are casual and they should be paired with an appropriate setting. The gym, airport, walking your dog early in the morning, casual days and cool summer nights out are examples of appropriate occasions for wearing them.


Match it with your outfit

Because beanies are casual they work best on basic outfits. Slim fit shorts and a light oversized sweater, denim shorts or loosely rolled chinos are good choices to wear with the beanie.


Try these beanies: