August 01, 2019 2 min read

Mens guide to summer hats

When you think about summer outfit, headwear might not be the first thing that comes into your mind. But let us tell you something, hats are the perfect alternative form for sun protection not only that they are also the perfect way to spice up all your summer outfit. Since you’re most probably gonna wear as less as possible.

To help you with choosing the right summer hat for you, here is a comprehensive list of summer hats that will surely change your mind about wearing hats through summer. 

Baseball cap

For laid back summer looks, baseball caps are the one for you. The visor in the front keeps your face protected from the sun and what’s great about them is you can wear them anywhere as long as your outfit is casual.


Panama straw hats are perfect for summer. They are made with lightweight material and have a wide brim to offer maximum sun protection. Even though Panama hats are on the dressy side of hats they are also considered great with any tropical outfits. 


Fedora hats are a great way to upgrade your summer outfit. You can go from casual to a more sophisticated or classy look

Lightweight beanie

Don’t say goodbye to your beanies just yet because we’re here to tell you that you can wear them all year long. You just have to find lightweight ones that will make it breathable for your head. Luckily there’s a whole collection of lightweight beanies at King and Fifth that are perfect for your summer outfits. 

Bucket hat

If you’re into casual or street looks then the bucket hats are for you. They have different varieties from small to medium brims that you can choose from and gives you just enough coverage for regular outdoor activities.