Mens Workout Hat - The Last Rep

  • Designed to give you One Less reason to cut your workout short, The Last Rep is made from flexible, cooling honeycomb fabric with an adjustable snapback, and structured front panel and brim. A proprietary sweat-wicking interior band adds an extra layer of DryTech fabric with a soft foam core that absorbs sweat, pulling it to the exterior to evaporate quickly, eliminating odor and moisture so you can keep repping it out with no distractions. 

    • Semi-Firm visor
    • Structured front panel
    • Adjustable Snapback
    • Low crown height
    • Drytech interior sweatband
    • 100% Polyester
    • To get a comprehensive introduction about the design, fit, and what size to buy– check our FIT GUIDE.

    • Hand wash
    • To avoid snagging, we recommend placing garment in a washer safe bag. An easy alternative is to place garment in a pillowcase and knot the open end.
    • Air dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sean Dooley
Color: White
Great fit!

Very happy with my purchase as the hat fits perfectly and the white is crisp and vibrant! I’ve purchased 2 other fits and each one fits perfectly. I always hated how other hats sit right on my ears or the crown is too high. This hat is snug on the crown with decent spacing above your ears so it doesn’t rub against them or you have to move them out of the way. Perfect for work outs, the pool, or just everyday wear. Colors are great too!

Color: Black
Great hat

These hats are as advertised, super comfortable and a great fit!

Chris B
Color: Multiple
Satisfied with One out of Three

I’m hoping this review is read with an open mind and taken into serious consideration. Like many others, I am very particular about the style and way hats feel and fit on my head. I was originally sold on the style concept I saw in an online ad that when I put the hat on, it wouldn’t pull down so far and make the tops of my ears flare out. This is what I was looking for in all three hats I purchased, but was disappointed in the fact that only 1 of the 3 different style hats fit the way the ad showed. For whatever reason, the most common style hats on the market today are the square (boxy) flat brimmed style hats. I HATE THIS STYLE! I’m a lot more old school with the way I like my hats to look and feel. Meaning, I, like most people, have an oval shaped head and like a hate that contours to the shape of my head and face. Not too bulky on the top or front of the hat. I also prefer a much stiffer brim so I’m able to flex and bend it a bit around my forehead and it maintains that shape. Most of the hats I have purchased in the past several years look good from a distance and the look is able to be pulled off by someone with a much fuller face, but not me. I have no problem with a hat manufacturer/seller selling the square flat brimmed style hats. But I wish there were more sellers on the market that sold a more rounded style hat that doesn’t pull down so far that it makes my ears flare out at the top. The only 1 of the 3 that did this for me from King and Fifth was The Final Rep hat. The other two (The Extra Mile and The Senna) pulled down too far unlike the online ad showed and sold me on. I hope this review helps and the designers take some of what I said into consideration. I will continue to monitor the site for newer products to see if any of these demands are met and try them out from time to time. Good luck with the business in the future. And thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m coming up for air now

Jorge Alejandro Granda Falbello
Color: Black
Great fitting hat!

I bought a blue Adidas hat many years ago at Marshall's, and it looks just like "The Last Rep". This hat fits great and I still have it, I always heard that it looked like a King and Fifth hat. At that time, I had never even heard of King and Fifth, finally, I bought one and it fits great and the quality is even better than my blue Adidas hat.

Mat S
Color: Black and White

After 7! years of trying to find a hat that fit me, I took a shot at K&F, and wow! I just ordered 3 black and 1 white hat. I love the model "The Last Rep - White and Black".

I have the same issue as the owner, standard hats sit on the ears or have too much fabric on top, not with K&F hats.

Finally, a company that understands that standard does not fit all. Game changer